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What is a Decompress Session?

Venting to friends is a common go-to after a frustrating situation. The trouble is that simply retelling the story of what happened means reliving it each time it's told. This solves nothing, increases the amount of time your body is under stress, and limits bandwidth for critical thinking and problem solving. 

Decompress Sessions are 30-45 minutes devoted to constructively venting and moving through any intense emotions or uncomfortable physical sensations that are keeping you from thinking clearly during or after a challenging situation.


What topics are covered in a Decompress Session? 

Any interaction that is still replaying in your mind after it's done. Hurt/angry/frustrated/upset at the way someone spoke to or treated you? Or the way you snapped at someone?

Together, we identify what needs to be expressed and how to express it in order to reduce the intensity rather than allow the emotion drive decision making that may not be constructive. 

From there, consulting or coaching is available to problem solve, strategize, or generate options whether it's speaking up for yourself, creating time for self care, setting boundaries, or choosing a new - more constructive - way to respond to a challenging moment. 

These sessions are donation based in order to remain accessible for all who need a supportive ear.

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