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Clarifying Conversations 
For Improved Employee Performance

Are you a supervisor struggling with knowing how to constructively address performance issues with direct reports?


BCG is putting together a small group workshop for supervisors to learn how to conduct effective conversations with direct reports about improving professional performance EVEN IF an employee has not responded to previous requests for improvement.

Common performance issues that go unaddressed: 

  • Unmet expectations or deadlines.

  • Unprofessional behavior, attitude, or language. 

  • Insufficient incident response.

  • Inadequate performance that created a disruption for team members, clients, and/or business operations.  

We’ll show you a process that will allow you to:

  • Spend less time worrying about what to say and how to say it. 

  • Map out the conversation so you can address the issue with clear, direct, and collaborative communication rather than hinting and hoping. 

  • Keep the conversation on track even if the employee gets emotional, makes their own accusations, or denies the issue altogether. 

  • Stop making the same request for improvement, again and again with no change in accountability. 


Format: LIVE 3-hour virtual workshop (time/date TBD)

What's Included: ​

  • Clarifying Questionnaire 

  • Clarifying Conversation Template

  • Group discussion and personalized assistance to customize the Clarifying Conversation Template to your exact situation. 

  • Personalized assistance in creating go-to responses for potential disruptions during the conversation. 

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