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Holiday Communication Confidence

🌟 Navigate the Holidays with Confidence: Donation-Based Coaching Session 🌟

Tension is at an all-time high between differing generations, political opinions, traumatic world events, as well as regular personality differences. 

If you're feeling anxious about potential conflicts and awkward moments, I'm here to help you navigate those tricky situations with confidence and grace. ✨

🌈 What to Expect: Embark on a personalized coaching journey where we'll address your concerns and equip you with strategies to respond to:

  • Pushback on your opinions or boundaries

  • Differences of opinion on how to handle holiday situations

  • That one family member who pushes your buttons

  • Unsolicited advice

  • Backhanded compliments or direct insults

  • Unwelcome comments or questions about your lifestyle, job, friends, clothing...etc.

  • Unkind, generalizing, or extreme opinions about people or world events

  • Any anticipated interaction that makes you consider staying home. 

🎯 Our Focus: Together, we'll work on recognizing potential boundaries to negotiate and preparing responses that foster awareness in others while safeguarding your relationships.

The goal is to stand up for yourself while ensuring you don't step on anyone else in the process - with the option to set firm boundaries as needed and handle the reaction constructively.

💡 Why Choose This Coaching Session:

  • Personalized Strategies: Tailored to your unique family dynamics and concerns.

  • Confidence Building: Feel empowered to respond constructively without escalating conflicts.

  • Relationship Preservation: Learn techniques that protect your connections while addressing problematic behavior.

  • Your donation will support our ability to offer pro-bono services to un- and underemployed people and those from marginalized groups who are navigating potentially life-altering conflicts and may not have the budget for a full support team of attorneys, therapists, and conflict navigation specialists. 

🌟 Imagine showing up to family gatherings not only prepared for potential conflicts but also confident in your ability to handle them constructively. This coaching session is designed to help you rewrite your holiday story, creating constructive, mindful interactions.

💖 How it Works: Simply make a donation based on what feels right for you. Your contribution supports ongoing coaching services for those in need. After your donation, we'll schedule a session tailored to your availability.

🚀 Let's Get Started: Ready to navigate the holidays with confidence? Click the link below to make your donation and schedule your coaching session. I'm excited to join you on this transformative journey!


Transform your holiday interactions and preserve the joy of the season. 🎄✨

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Refund Policy

Full refunds are available for sessions cancelled at least 24hrs before the session start time. 

​No refunds available for completed sessions or sessions cancelled with less than 24hrs advance notice.

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