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    Introducing Hearth Talks

    December 16, 2017


    Hello and Welcome to Hearth Talks!

    We are excited to get started and share why we are introducing Hearth Talks to you.

    Over the course of our work we've repeatedly observed, and heard, that most people feel the same way about conflict: they do not like it. Conflict makes people uncomfortable. If the thought of dealing with conflict makes you uncomfortable, anxious, or wary, you are not alone.

    Most people associate conflict with words like confrontation, disagreement, miscommunication, indecision, arguing and many more. No matter what people call conflict, with associations like that, it’s not surprising that they find it uncomfortable. One probable reason is that conflict is rooted in our differences and most people are uncomfortable navigating difference. 

    Here at Berkowitz Civility Group, we know that your approach to navigating conflict directly links to the effects it has on your life. To that point, Hearth Talks was created to share our experiences and observations about navigating conflict and the lessons that can be learned from the choices we make. We are dedicated to preparedness to move beyond the limits of conflict pushback that currently get in your way. Choosing a preparedness approach for important conflict decisions, without feeling pushed and pulled in different directions, will make conflict situations less stressful for everyone involved.

    Hearth Talks will present everyday conflict situations from a constructive, observant, and conversational approach.  We will share communication techniques for participating in tense conversations and the challenges they bring. We will offer constructive approaches to turn those conversations around before conflict situations go from bleak to worse.

    Hearth Talks represents new ways to navigate conflict with deepened insight and broader perspective. We hope that Hearth Talks will inspire you to become more curious about your conflict perspective and approach so you can speak up to be heard and step up to get the outcomes you want.

    Please join us! Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments or send requests for topics you'd like to see covered. We are always happy to hear from you.

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