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What can Berkowitz Civility Group do for you?

Conflict is viewed by many as inherently difficult to navigate, but our goal is to simplify it through improved resiliency and communication skills. We help you create options during difficult or unpredictable personal and professional conversations.

To us, civility comes from treating all people with human decency - regardless of any differences. We're here to help you navigate this road to achieve better communication skills and improved personal and professional relationships at work, home, school, and everywhere in between. 


Our team wants to partner with individuals and organizations to create healthy environments and build constructive relationships. We will work with you, your family, or your organization to create tailored workshops, seminars, or coaching sessions, focused on learning the skills to navigate challenges.

Forest Walk

“We are here not to see through one another, but to see one another through.”

- Hal Samith

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